Datalogging turn signals

Hey. I recorded my trip through the Start Logging shortcut menu. But I was surprised that I could not reproduce the turn signals and the low beam switching signals when I was playing the file on a smartphone outside the car.
I am using an RDCAN connection. And I send signals via .xml directly to the selected "target Id.
On the machine, everything works without problems, but if you write data, then they are not reproduced.
I will attach a recording file in which there is an alarm and turn signals and lights.
But only numerical values ​​are reproduced.
Have a look?
I will send it by mail. T.K. The forum does not load due to size

I don’t see any turn signal related values in your datalogs. Have you added them to datalogging from settings?

Am I missing something? Oops
I think I did not study well at school)
Do they need to be included?

Yes, they are not included by default to prevent the datalog files become too large, and most people do not want to datalog the turn signals anyways.