Deceleration time


Could we have a measure for the deceleration time?


You mean from certain speed to a stop?

Yes. Please see below definiation

The Deceleration can be calculated by dividing the final Velocity minus the initial Velocity, by the amount of time taken for this drop in Velocity .

It could be triggered when press brake.


I do understand the math behind it, no problem. As you were asking for measure of time, what should it be? From 100kph to 0, 60kph to 0, 100kph to 50, all of them?

Hi Jani,

you already did similar math for this equation in default dash. You have 2 needles for RPM one is holding the Max value for 2 sec and the 2nd needle reading the actual RPM.

If we could subtract the MAX Speed value - Current Speed Value over time this will perfect.

The time value triggered when brake is ON

If we could do the same here


Using the brake pedal position as triggering input for such a system is not a good idea, as its actually very rare that this input is in use.

I will use it for emergency condition.

it will trigger Hazard Switch when you hard press the brake / deceleration is “high”.

VW / Skoda they have this option internally.


Any luck here?


At this stage this seems too specific to implement as build-in feature. There are not that many vehicles that use RealDash that can access brake pedal position or hazzard switch.

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I did it, I catch it up in High speed network.

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