Delay for autostart

Now RD if detect usb connection autostart in android version

plese add feature set delay 0 - 3000 ms start app RD
or option cansel autostart (i try use external launcher)

it is need for some device on base RK3399

Please explain in more detail. Where is the delay needed?

on all car auto we can get problem with could start (i test 10 pcs start = one Failed to solve storage path)

maybe present option total fix this problem - upload skin and settings in boby file RealDash

now problem present - as result reset all skin and xml settings

and maybe if made delay in could strart we can easy fix this problem (as option for solve this task)


Something else is wrong here. I do not want to add a new feature to fix an obvious issue in somewhere else.

ok i hope you can fix this problem whitn no use new feature

this problem i get on the 7862 platform too
it is unreal unstable problem - i maximum locate her (only if cold start )

sorry if i mistake name topic
i think before made delay is easy - sorry too

Adding a startup- delay is not difficult, but it does not make sense to add features for some specific hardware configuration only. If RealDash boots before the filesystem is available (as it seems per screenshot), you need to modify the software boot order to make sure that OS is actually ready to run software.

Thanks for idea!!!

i put any app in autostart list - he made little delay and after run RD

i faled 100% complite test, if RD detect usb connection he ignore external launcher

with no usb connection RD start 100% good - i made arround 50 pcs swich off

if you made option delay load skin and xml i will be happy( i 100% test - maybe 50 ms will be good for us)
or RD detect USB and made option dealay autostart after detect

i attach foto extenlal launcher for example

if ok - restart my project GolfCar Dasboard - he made payment manufacture licence
now i sure 100% problem in autostart with no dealay

i 100% undestad RK 3399 not mass platform, but on forum present message from other user “Reset settings”
maybe i locate this problem and if add feature delay - RD stand more stability on the all hardware

also if my mail is miss i can free send to you caraudio device RK3399 4 RAM 64 Flash 10 inch display for any test and use in any other project


I think you can adjust Android settings not to auto-launch an app when USB is connected. I think you are now experiencing a ‘double launch’. First one when OS detects USB to be connected on boot, and second on your launcher.

by default, the external launcher is disabled, if you disable it, I get an error of about one per 10 launches (start if USB RD detect). and also the external launcher ignores already launched applications.

I do not know how to configure Android settings so that the application does not start automatically when USB is connected, please help

About every Android version has this setting in different place, and some versions (especially hacked Chinese versions) do not have this at all.

i can not seek swich off settings for autostart after usb connection detect

i think for a perfect job need add option delay in body RD → RD detect USB → option delay 0 - 3000 ms → load xml & skin

it is will be universal solution for any hardware

Dear Jani

platform UIS7862 it is my main platform - after fast exit from sleep mode i can get same problem
rate problem not big. hardware you all ready have too - please check or add in todo list plase

now i fix problem: use extarnal launcher for UIS7862 - and not add feature delay immediately (only if have time for perfect work )

Dear Jani

i try many hour for test
and final ask you add one option - ignore USB connection ( not autostart if RealDash detect USB device)

i use specal extarnal laucher (he can tune dalay)

please, this is a critical feature for several old and new projects


If user selects autostart by that system popup, there is nothing RealDash can do to prevent launching. There is no info to Android activity if app was launched by user or by selected USB device.

If you want to disable that popup, you need to build a custom Android firmware.

We did something like that 3-5 years ago with you (more precisely, you did), so that RD would start by the presence of a USB => SERIAL device.
Falcon wants a setting to “ignore starting RD on a physical USB connection”.

i total solved again

made micro external mcu - he made dealy power after could start 40 sec and start from sleep mode 1 sec

as i finish i publick pcb drawing and firmware

i get unstable start again when if add app RealDash start in system settings UIS7862 (with no external launcher)

every 10 th start RD is fall or Reset to default skin or config (delete can xml from garage settings)

really test anf fix on the UIS 7862?

( now i use external launcher? but it is now good again for proffesional dashboards)

The feature that boots an app when USB is connected comes from the operating system. There is nothing we can do to prevent or delay that.

unfortunately the UIS7862 platform ignores the USB event, but in general, I think I have almost coped with this problem. currently long testing.