Device unsupported (USB2-F-7101)

We are using Connective Peripherals USB2-F-7101 CANBUS ADAPTER for CAN tx/rx.
In RealDash android application, added connection by following steps:

  1. Enter Garage
  3. Adapters (CAN/LIN) → CAN Analyzer → SERIAL PORT. It detects device USB2-F-7101 CAN-Plus Adapter
  4. 9600 baudrate. Click DONE

After adding this, app throws error “Serial Device ‘USB2-F-7101 CAN-Plus Adapter’ is not supported”.

Can anyone help with this issue? How can we make above device compatible with this app?

Thank you.

You can send this device to Jani, after its approval. And maybe he will add device support!

In theory this device could be supported. Is there serial protocol info available for this adapter? If not, the implementation is difficult.