DI for Speed

I’m using DI2 for Speed value in my Link Ecu.
It seems that I can’t use the channel in RealDash setting.
Do you have any plan to make it more flexible? or the other alternative?
Now I think I need to change my wire connection on Link Ecu.

You should be able to map this into vehicle speed in ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’

Thank you for replying.
Do you mean I can change Vehicle speed value to “Link Ecu:DI 2 Status” from “VSS1” ?
I can’t find ”Link Ecu:DI 2 Speed” on the list.
That starts from DI 3 Speed.

Anyway, I’d like to try it in this weekend.

Ah sorry, it seems like Link does not send the DI2 speed on either datastreams :frowning:

Thank you.
I’ll change it.