Different screens button

HI Guys, I’ve made a EV dash and now I would like to have different screens.
Example: Having MPH and Kwh meter and a few other pieces of info on screen #1 and then be able to touch a button on the screen to change to another RD screen for reading all 96 cell voltages full screen. I’m a newbie and thought I would ask if it’s possible before I spend hours to find out it’s not possible. So far RD has been working great using a mini win 10 computer and just using the power button as a sleep button. It only takes a few seconds to come back on. About the time it takes to fasten my seat belt and open the garage door. It’s working great on medium speed can and high speed can messages. Very happy with RD so far.

Create a trigger to go to page 1,2,next,prev, etc. assign to button action.