Digital dash on Astra h

good morning everyone, this is my first post. I’m new to this world of realdash and I need help. I’d like to install a digital cluster on my 2005 Astra H. I purchased an Android portable car radio to place in place of the original dash from connect with obdlink mx+. once the device has been paired with the obd via bluetooth, I enter the app, follow the whole procedure, create the can/lin connection, activate the can monitor, save but when I go back to the dashboard nothing happens, I don’t see any data. did I do something wrong?

RealDash has no built-in CAN descriptions for 2005 Astra. In order to receive data from your vehicle, you need to use OBD2 connection type instead of CAN connection.

okay thanks. I made the connection via obd and it works but it doesn’t read a lot of data such as the engine failure light, open doors, direction indicators etc etc… too complicated for and I respect you for the work you are doing

Yes, you will not get those from OBD2 connection. For more info, see:

OBD2 indicators, fuel level and gear - Connectivity / OBD2 - RealDash Forum