Digital Dashboard for Chevrolet Epress

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Hello, I am interested in your gauge product.
Can the SP Leinonen Dashbox be used with your gauge cluster? This is a vehicle with no canbus, only obd2. Dashbox for readings like RPM, Fuel Level, and buttons to change pages in RealDash.
Thank you. Very interested.

Yoy can use any devive with app RealDash

please show your dashboard connector

Hi Falcon,

That is great news! I saw that your product runs on a android radio board, so was wondering if any bluetooth device is supported (like Dashbox).

I have a Joying radio now and its doesnt allow many bluetooth obd2 adapters to pair.

My connector is obd2 connector. Maybe similar to this chevy express van. It is the chevy E-rod engine (2010 Canaro based LS3).
Has no fuel level etc from OBD2 port. Speed, Temp, etc only basic readings.

I would use Dashbox for Fuel, Oil, Temp, RPM, and GPS for speed. Try to use Dashbox for all info.

CAN onboard present yes or not?

It has OBD2 plug. They say it is not CANBUS, a different protocol, GMLAN. Corresponds to 2010 Chevy Camaro.

I would like to use wired sensors for Fuel, RPM, Oil Temp is possible. GPS for Speedometer. (Avoid OBD2 connection) m If possible. I now see on your website that you offer wired inputs for fuel level, etc. That sounds perfect!