Directly stream via Serial Port?

Why is it not possible to stream directly via Serial? :question:
It’s easier to connect an Arduino to Vehicle (that does not support CAN or anything else, like older cars) and stream directly via Serial Port without usage of CAN, Bluetooth or something…. Or did I miss a Point? :confused:

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Sure you can connect your Arduino via Serial to RealDash. And the data does not have to come from ‘real’ CAN source, it can be custom made in your Arduino sketch.

Okay, can I find somewhere the definition of the serial stream…? :blush:
Maybe I’m just too stupid to find it…

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Our Arduino examples basically work like that, they have serial connection to RealDash and generate the data by themselves in Arduino code. They are not connected to any ‘real’ CAN device.

Okay I will give it a try…
My main problem is I’m not able to read the output via serial monitor in Arduino… Getting just garbage there… :disappointed:

The RealDash protocol is binary protocol thus the monitor shows garbage.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh… :stuck_out_tongue: Okay, thank you !
Then I will use the arduino example and do my work from that base on.

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Hi mate - sort of in between -
I do an analogue measurement unit thats reads the inputs directly - and then pretends to be an OBD unit over bluetooth -
that way it works with Torque and Realdash to sample and relay the real quantities for vehicles that dont have an OBD port or ECU.

designed for motorbikes but works with cars if desired.
google “OBD Bridge Rae-San” if that sounds of interest.