Disconnect Issues?

Hi Fellow Users,

Happy new year. I would love some of your help.

I have a 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA 45 AMG.
I am connecting my OBD2 Wireless Interface (Kobra ELM 327) to my Android 10 tablet on my dashboard (purchased from Road Top) and having some issues. I am using the latest paid version of Realdash and paid for the Benztown Hammer theme.

Realdash disconnects occur about every two minutes. It does work with most gauges in between the disconnects. Realdash does successfully reconnect. I have tried with the following options on and off ‘Use Multipid Request’ and ‘Request Only First Reply’. The connection type is set to auto.

IP Address and Port are using and 35000.

The tablet does not appear to be switching networks. It maintains connectivity with the OBD2 Wireless adapter at the OS Level. I have tried other products including “Car Scanner” and it never disconnects.

What do you suggest I try?

Please send a debug log: