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I run a Haltech Elite with a custom xml and dash layout. The Haltech CAN has “Engine Protection Reason” which is displays the errors the same as OBD2 Error Codes. I was wondering what code would be required to display this code correctly?
This is how the data comes on the Haltech CAN.

Coding is new to me so with the help of a mate who hasn’t used realdash before we came up with the below, but it doesn’t work and I’m not sure what to try next.

conversion=“V>>14)==0?‘P’:((V>>14)==1?‘B’:((V>>14)==2?‘C’:‘U’)) +hex(V&0x3FFF)”

Is there a typo or syntax issue with the code? or is what I’m wanting to be displayed not possible?

Thank you in advance

You can read the code pretty easily:

	<frame id="0x6F3" endianess="big">
	  <value id="739" units="bit" offset="4" length="1"></value> <!-- Front Left tyre leaking -->
	  <value id="740" units="bit" offset="4" length="1" conversion="V>>1"></value> <!-- Front Right tyre leaking -->
	  <value id="741" units="bit" offset="4" length="1" conversion="V>>2"></value> <!-- Rear Left tyre leaking -->
	  <value id="742" units="bit" offset="4" length="1" conversion="V>>3"></value> <!-- Rear Right tyre leaking -->
	  <value name="Haltech: Engine Protection Severity Level" offset="5" length="1"></value>
	  <value name="Haltech: Engine Protection Reason" offset="6" length="2"></value>

Although, getting the protection reason to show when reading error codes will require changes to RealDash.

Thank you for the response. I did past a copy of the code but the forum wouldn’t allow me to have 2 images so id removed it. :frowning:
My code is the same as that with the only difference being I had put units=“enum” (I’m not sure if that will make a difference?)
With this code the values on the dash don’t correspond to an error code. i.e. If I activate the intake warning temp sensor code P0111 on the Haltech, the value I get on the dash is 273. ( haven’t tried other errors to see what the other values are) is it possible to display the actual code P0111? Or with the below sentence are you suggesting it is possible to display the code P0111, but not the description that relates to it?

Although, getting the protection reason to show when reading error codes will require changes to RealDash

If I cant get it to display the code, is there a way to link Haltech: Engine Protection Reason to be able to be shown in the Quick Settings screen Read Error Codes?

Thank you again

Ok I did a little more testing. Haltech code P0111 = 273 on the Dash, P0110 = 272, so the number does change with a different error code.
How do I convert the code on the dash 273 to P0111?

Thank you in advance

You can use the enum for that.

	<frame id="0x6F3" endianess="big">
	  <value name="Haltech: Engine Protection Reason" offset="6" length="2" enum="272:P0110,273:P0111"></value>

Could you link the Haltech error codes? I can add them to error code reading for the next release.

Haltech use the standard OBDII Codes. i.e. P0111 is intake air temp, however I don’t believe there is a list of these codes and what is being output on the screen. The only reason I knew those and used it as an example was because I changed the warning in the Haltech to trip these codes. I guess I could manually trip all the codes to create the list, but would be time consuming.
This is why I was hoping that there was a formula / conversion that could extract the first 2 bits (then use enum to have that display the “P”, or “B” etc. then the remaining 14 bits for the number.


Is this possible? even it I had to have 2 text gauges next to each other (one for the “P” and the other for the number?

Thank you

The letter would be pretty straight forward, but RealDash currently has no means of showing the numeric value in hexadecimal.

For now, Add enums for most common ones, I will try to add all codes to next release of RealDash.

Awesome… Thank you :slight_smile:
its not a critical requirement as you can see I have most of the main sensors displayed, so it wouldn’t be hard to work out which is the sensor with the issue, but there is benefit for other items that aren’t normally displayed.

Layout still a work in progress as ill change some of the words to icons. but quite happy with what I have created so far. (most warning lights / indicators are through an Arduino to put them on the CAN network.)

Thank you again

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