Display of speed, temperature, fuel level and RPM

I still vote that you can add basic parameters to the top of other applications, at a time when RealDash is running in the background. Overlay, so to speak!

I beg you, this is really not enough. I want RealDash to always be dreams.

Google has provided very useful UI Guidelines for software developers, which describe in detail the design process and the basic principles of ergonomics. There is also a separate official instruction for creating widgets, which can be found at: http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/ui_guidelines/widget_design.html.

To my opinion this it too much work to implement. The reason is that every existing dashboard would need a ‘widget’ version of themselves to make any sense. I think its better that we use our development resources elsewhere.

I understood. And if you just display digital values ​​without a graphical shell? Assign parameters to them and give them the opportunity to assign any background image? Without drawing graphics by default. What to rewrite topics is the whole thing. It’s obvious. I mean by the concept of a widget -
output simple numbers!