Displaying Maximum Values

Is there an easy way to display a maximum value an output has provided while running without doing a log file? I would like to be able to have the value displayed on the Realdash screen.

set as history mode:
Look’N Feel- Special- mode history- Max

I created a page showing max values for several different outputs. I also set the duration to 9999 so I could create a manual reset button. It seems to work fine. However, when I switch between pages, the values reset automatically. Is there a way to keep the history even when switching between pages?

any feedback on this?

Allright, I will take a look of this. Edit: Found & Fixed, will be included in 1.6.6.

Thank you very much!

Hi tking12,
I’m a newby in RealDash but with the guidance of cel_turbo, I managed to dsiplay Max values, next to the Actual values. You are referring to a manual Reset button and that is what I am also looking for. Can you share how you implemented the manual Reset?