DIY-EFI bluetooth

Hi, I have a DIY-EFI ECU and Bluetooth module that I’m trying to get to connect to my realdash app on a Google pixel 3 but it keep presenting the connecting message and won’t connect.
I’ve followed the video DIY-EFI have on YouTube guiding you through the connection but no joy.
I’ve tripple checked I have the correct .ini file… Is anyone able to help me with this please

I’m not familiar with DIY-EFI. Is this a Megasquirt clone?

Should of said it’s speeduino ran, DIY-EFI is the brand making them plug and play for various cars

There has been some connectivity issues with Speeduino and its latest firmwares that I have not been able to solve as I do not have Speeduino to test on. Sorry :frowning:

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Heartbreak, I suppose I could try putting the speeduino on older one before firmware?

It should work fine on some late 2022 firmwares.

Okay, I am currently on the 202207.1.ini , the dates for that are September 2022. But I will try maybe some earlier than that.

I think RealDash shows on connection settings that what is the default firmware. Try to match that and then you should not have to import any ini file.