Dowload of Rasp Pi files missing in Github

So things have changed in the last few months and the Rasp Pi/Linux downlaod is now meant to be located on GitHub. Alas, I could not find the install file there or any others. I know the Windows version is via the Microsoft store but where has the deb file gotten too?


I noticed that as well. I’m experimenting right now and had to grab the install file off my Pi in the car :sweat_smile:

The Linux installation packages have always been in the same place, My RealDash Downloads section.

  • Log in to My RealDash (
  • On left side select ‘Downloads’
  • Download the install package.

Ah ha, for some reason when I googled for the download of Realdash deb it came back with this address RealDash | Downloads.
Now that you’ve reminded me where the download area is then all is good with the world. I couldn’t remember and Google failed but problem solved. Thanks :slight_smile:

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