DTA T series help

Hi I’m hoping someone can give me a little info so I can try and write an XML file for the T series ECU which is canbus so going to run thru a can analyser.
In the DTA info they list all the Can IDs but not exactly sure how to write the XML :see_no_evil:
So an example Can ID from them is
0x2000, pos 0 , bytes2, offset 0, RPM.
Only the pos changes (0,2,4,6) offset stays the same for each RPM afr map etc
Could someone show me how that rpm line would be written for the XML file then I can hopefully sort the rest out . Obviously I’m new to all this but keen to get a grip of it before the ECU arrives , any help would be great ,thanks :+1:

Link me the DTA T series CAN info and I will take a look.

Hi, thanks for the response, the info is in the T series pdf manual which i got from here https://www.dtafast.co.uk/downloads/
The info is on page 29 of the pdf . Thanks for taking a look, it will give me a real head start if I can get confirmation that the XML is written ok

Try this XML file. It does not have everything yet but should be enough to see if frames are interpreted correctly
dtafast_tseries.xml (1.69 KB)

Oh wow that’s brilliant, thank you, that was a few more lines filled out than I expected !!, I’m glad to see I was on the right track with what I had already written . As soon as the ECU arrives I will give it a go and let you know how I get on, it should be here early next week. Thanks again :+1: