Dual Screens

I am currently in the process of installing two 10.2" screens in my car. Unfortunately Realdash always starts on the main screen. It would be nice if you could tell in the settings on which screen the speedometer should be displayed. Thanks.

Greetings René

Are you running on Windows or Android?

I use Windows 10.


App should remember the screen just by dragging it to desired monitor and closing it there.

No, the app always reopens on the primary monitor.

Greetings René

Allright, I will take a look if I can do something about it.

It may also be possible to implement this with a file parameter.

For me, this sequence works.

  • Open RealDash and press F8 to enter windowed mode
  • Press ESC and confirm exit
  • Open RealDash and drag the window to second monitor
  • Press Shift+Win+Enter to enter fullscreen mode
  • Press ESC and confirm exit

From that on App should start fullscreen on second monitor.

Unfortunately Microsoft does not offer an API that would allow app to select the monitor on startup. This is a limitation of UWP apps :frowning: