Dummy Timer & App start/shutdown on canbus

Maybe I’m doing something a bit wrong, but I’m trying to get a dummy timer value and the app started/shutdown value on canbus. This is what I have in my canbus xml, but I’m getting 0 for everything. What am I doing wrong here?

<frame id="1551" writeInterval="1000"> <!--Read back data to store in arduino-->
      <value targetId="86" startbit="0" bitcount="1"></value> <!--App started-->
      <value targetId="87" startbit="1" bitcount="1"></value> <!--App Shutdown-->
      <value targetId="306" offset="1" length="1"></value> <!--Start time-->

This seems to be a problem in RealDash. Values are not written into the CAN frames unless they come from triggers-actions system.

Edit: found the problem, fix will be in 2.0.9 release.

Here a bug in this update. Here is the canbus xml

    <frame id="1550" writeInterval="100"> <!--Read back data to store in arduino-->
      <value targetId="281" startbit="0" bitcount="8"></value> <!--Store Top gauge value-->
      <value targetId="282" startbit="8" bitcount="8"></value> <!--Store Units value-->
      <value targetId="283" startbit="16" bitcount="8"></value> <!--Store Driver Side Value-->
      <value targetId="301" startbit="24" bitcount="8"></value> <!--Store Dash Display Value-->
      <value targetId="86" startbit="39" bitcount="1"></value> <!--App started-->
      <value targetId="87" startbit="40" bitcount="1"></value> <!--App Shutdown-->

The goal here is that when RD starts, the arduino will updated the values 281,282,283, and 301 to what is stored in the arduino to preserve some of the settings in Realdash. When any of those are written, targetId 86 starts sending 0 that RD isn’t running, until I close and reopen RD, then it starts sending 1.

Now if there are dummy values that could be stored to the local computer and read back when RD opens, that would make my goal a lot easier.

Never mind, I think it was a bug in my arduino code that was doing that.

I think the bug still exists. I’m not able to get target ID 86 and 87 to show on the bus.