Dummy variabes and dummy timers used

is there a way to find out, which dummy variables and/or dummy timers are used in a dashboard? I want to add some functionality to a existing dashboard, but I don’t want to interfere with already used varables. Something like a list or a config file with the IDs used in this specific dashboard?

Not an easy way other than checking all Triggers and Actions, sorry :frowning:

In some cases you could use the Debug Data View in ‘Settings->Application->Debug’ to see if certain Dummy variables have changed.

Ok thanks, this is what I had suspected…
But could you at least tell this for your own dashboards?
I’m using the “Default” and the “720RD” dashboard.

Yes, I have seen your request before, as I already explained that you just need to save your dashboard in its initial state.

Extra dummy variables could be added, but I doubt that all of them are really in use. We have created pretty complicated dashboard animations and never ran even close to consuming all dummy variables. This is a case of which is better; you optimizing your dummy variable usage, or us adding more which will add performance load and complexity. I’d prefer you first try optimizing your designs.