Dyno Not Accurate

Hi, need to ask what i can do to make the dyno more accurate ?i try many times its just show ridiculous hp😅

First thing to do is to check the vehicle weight in the Garage. Although, I have got some reports of getting similar results on some devices. It may be due how the speed is received from the vehicle. If there is a slight but fast fluctuation on the speed value that will cause big power values as speed is making fast changes during the measurement.

Vehicle weight checked…or maybe i need to use gps speed for my speed gauge to get it dyno properly?but if i don’t run the dyno,the calculated hp in statistic seems more make sense…

I think at some point we improved the accuracy of Power and Torque calculated inputs. Maybe we did not apply that to the Dyno. I will check.

What are the external inputs used for calculating the power? Only speed?

It is based on calculating acceleration from speed, but due the noise and delay in signals in reality It is way more complicated than that.

I have the same issue. HP is relativly close to what I would expect, but torque is way of.
It would not be that great of a problem for me, if at least the results bei consistent unser same conditions, but they are not.

Checked all possible data. Weight, gear ratios, drag, efficiency etc.

I have an Audi A6 3.0TDI with Auto trans measuring in either 3rd or 4th gear.
Car weighs 2080kg fully loaded. Amy suggestions what I can do?

Playing around with the weight did not change much. I am using Carista ELM327 OBD2 adapter.

Sind car is tuned, I would expect 290hp and 600nm at the flywheel. Expecting 245hp and 510nm wheel.

See in pictures what the dyno comes up with.
Don’t expect total accuracy but consistancy with same values in same Road would bei nice for comparison of tunes.

Sure, I will take a look. Could you send me your dyno files for analysis. They are in ‘DEVICE/RealDash/dyno’ folder on your device. Zip them into an archive and send over email to contact@realedash.net

To give best possible conditions, I will make clean dyno runs tomorrow that I will send you.

Thanks alot for diving into it for me.

Files are sent.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks, I will take a look.

Any news concerning the dyno function?

This is still on my todo list. Still planning to push a fix to 1.9.4 release next week though.

Sounds good.