E38 cluster project


I am embarking on a full cluster swap for my 2001 BMW e38, this is a totally new area for me so I have a lot of learning to do I appreciate.

I have ordered a can analyser but would appreciate if anyone had any help or information regarding the Same generation of BMW E46,E39 ect

I have had a look through the ms4 wiki


Especially the can bus section that relates to my version of the ECU, however I don’t recognise any of the information as can data.

I have also found a wealth of k and I bus codes


Can anyone offer any assistance?

I plan on using the following screen


Along with the following SBC


Hello, I have also been researching this for a few months now. Struggling to get my head around linking the BMW canbus with the realdash. Basically that xml file generation. Has anyone gone through this before that can lend a hand?