Early Toyota protocols

I have a 2001 Toyota Caldina st215w and when I try to connect through obd2 it doesn’t recognise protocol. Is this not capable or is there a way to connect?

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Did any of the predefined Toyota configurations work? ‘JDM Generic’ or ‘JDM ISO9141’?

No. No available protocol would work. It auto detect it could not find a suitable protocol.

Your vehicle probably needs custom initialization. Unfortunately I do not have any idea what could be. Can you ask around Toyota specific forums if somebody knows this?

This is a screenshot from torque pro a friend used and was able to connect. Same vehicle.

Using this string

ATIB 96 \n ATIIA 13 \n ATSH8113F1 \n ATSP A4 \n ATSW00

That is exactly the same init setup that RealDash has on ‘Toyota->JDM Generic’ profile in OBD2 connection settings. Are you sure you have tried that one?

Yes I have and to satisfy your request done again just now using JDM generic and tried Toyota > Celica as they use the same engine etc…

See attached screenshot.

FYI this app works fine with bt50 and the same Bluetooth obd2 dongle I’m using here.

Do not use the OBD2 monitor, it will not autodetect any protocol that requires custom init.

Just select the ‘Toyota->JDM Generic’ profile in OBD2 connection settings and go back to the dashboard.

Unfortunately it still does not work.

It just cycles between these 2 messages

Could you send me a debug log for analysis:

Hello, maybe, it will be usefull. I spent a lot of time, but found PID for automatic geashift temperature.
command send=“01b4”
Engine 1JZ GTE VVTI 2000 year.