Easy navigation

how realistic is it to make a phone app to broadcast the phone screen as an ip camera?

that is, the user sets up a route in any navigation program for himself on the phone and turns on the broadcast in the Real Dasha Dashboard (the second triple) * WiFi connect to the point

it seems to me that this is not very resource-intensive, you can make a separate paid application. for that, we will get a full-fledged navigation in RealDash

what do you think about it?


I would rather use those resources to improve the navigation in RealDash. Could you list what would need to be changed to consider RealDash navigation a ‘full-fledged’? I personally use RealDash navigation daily and for me it gets the job done. Maybe you have different requirements based on locale or something else?

I understand you. but I’m sure most customers are uncomfortable with direct navigation control. and for reliability, I turn off the touch screen. I drew a diagram. please take a look