ECU specific volt inputs not working

Hi there,

I have a Link G4+ ECU which i use with Realdash. im still trying to get the hang of configuring data from different input sources. But currently im trying to get the ECU specific input voltages to be configured as a gauge value. But for now this does not seem to work. For example in the Link ECU i have volt11 configured as lambda(this is wired this way) but if i select this input for AFR Value its always a steady number. What am i doing wrong?

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If you add a new text gauge and link it to ‘ECU Specific->Link ECU: AN Volt11’, do you see the correct value on text gauge? If you do, then map this input into AFR1:

  • Go to Settings->Units & Values->4th page
  • Create new mapping as Target: ‘Engine/Ecu Inputs->AFR1’, Source: ‘ECU Specific->Link ECU: AN Volt11’