ECUMaster PMU16 integration?

So i have a PMU16 PDM outputing CAN data with my LINK ECU which is also communicating with Realdash using the Dash Preset in Link software. I just wanna know what i need to add to the XML file to be able to tell realdash that my turn signals and headlights are on since the PDM can output the data of every one of its power outputs.

Since they’re all on the same CAN network can i just add some frames for realdash to look out for then program those same frames in the PDM?

If anyone could help i would really appreciate it.

I assume there is no ‘generic’ CAN frame description for the PMU16 available, but its user defined?

You can just add the frames to one single XML file. You could call them PMU16 Output 1, Input 1 etc. Then use the input mapping feature to set which inputs/outputs map to which inputs in RealDash.

I still haven’t figured this out. Here’s my XML file, the CAN Monitor in RealDash sees my inputs, but i just can’t get the dash to show the turn signals. Frame E3B or 1003 in the XML file is showing 01 changing when i turn on the turn signals on the PDM.

In the input mapping screen i changed Turn Signal Left is SET FROM C_blinkers_left or whatever it’s called. In the inputs and values menu i also set the input to be c_blinkers_left, but still nothing shows up on the dash.

Is there some little thing i’m missing somewhere or is my XML file incorrect somehow?
My last question is what is target ID in the XML file? i can’t find it anywhere or what it’s supposed to reference.
Copy of link_ecu_short.xml (2.2 KB)

I figured it out, changed length to 2.