Edit dash on Windows 10, use on Android?

Is it possible to edit dash on Windows 10, and then export for usage on Android? If so, where would I find the files on each, to share back and forth? My Android setup does not use a touch screen, and it would seem to be much easier to edit everything in Windows, export it to use in Android.

Yes, the .rd files are compatible between platforms. We create all our premium dashboards on Windows version of RealDash.

  • Use ‘File->Save as’ option in Windows to save the file to any location you choose
  • Transfer the file to your Android device
  • Use ‘Gallery->Recent->Open from file’ option to load the dashboard file.

If I purchased premium dash files in the Android gallery, is there any way to transfer those to Windows?

Yes, the premium dashboard purchased from Google does not work on Microsoft or Apple products. This is strictly forbidden on each store rules (cross selling). If we would give you free product on Windows when you have paid it to Google, Microsoft would kick us out of their store, and vice versa. I hope you understand that this is out of our hands.

Frustrating, but I do understand.

Yes, they (stores) all are very jealous to get their own share :confused:

So, I do understand the limitations, and I see the process of getting a dash from windows to android. Is there a way to go the other direction of Android to windows? I have a dash I am already working on, and would rather not start over.

On Android you can do a save as and put the file in a location that can be copied to the network or USB stick, then open it on Windows.

Roger that. FWIW, I bought the equivalent premium dash in the windows version.