Editing gauges

I have the Engineers Dream dash and would like to change some of the gauge assignments. How do I do this?

Tap ‘edit’ on top menu to start editing. Make backups while experimenting with editing as it can get confusing for the beginners.

Well, I’m a beginner and it certainly is confusing. I’ve gone over the 3 tutorials several times to see if I can get any hints, but other than getting into edit mode I’m really not sure what to do. For a start, all I want to do is change the existing Boost gauge to a Manifold Absolute Pressure gauge. How do I do this?

  • In edit mode, select the gauge and tap ‘Input & Values’ on top menu.
  • Tap a button underneath ‘Select Data Source’ and select ‘Engine/ECU inputs->Manifold Absolute Pressure’
  • Tap upper left corner ‘Done’ until you are back on the dashboard.
  • Tap ‘Done’ on top menu, that will ask you to save your dashboard.

Thanks. That gives me a few clues. I’ll keep working on it.