Editing: sizing, position in relation to screen size

So i usually edit on my laptop. But last night I did some editing on my desktop computer. After transferring it to my car’s Android unit, the dash appears smaller and I have to zoom in considerable to fill the screen. I was wondering if there is any way to remedy this, and return to a size closer to the original.

See this on FAQ:


Is it possible to create an option in the settings that would have Realdash simply stretch the screen so that it doesn’t resize the file? I noticed if you resize the screen it does stretch the dash, but then Realdash reloads. Is there a way to simply toggle that off?

If your dash does not require autoscaling, edit your dash, select all gauges and disable ‘Scale on load’ option in Look’n Feel.

I could not find that option in “Look and Feel”.

Gauges selected, Look’n Feel->Special->Disable Aspect Correction on Load.

ahh! Thank you!!!