man i aint no computer wiz. But im trying to get realdash to work with hol!ey ef! Their dash is ok but I want speed GPS and create my own colors.
Can you provide me with step by step with their standard can bus usb straight into windows 10 tablet please

I know that some users have been successful in making direct connection to Holley EFI, but its not as straight forward as with many other ECUs.

Use one of the supported CAN adapters:

Create connection as ‘CAN/LIN Adapters->Your adapter type->’

Every Holley EFI uses unique base id for CAN frames, you should be able to see the lowest CAN id using CAN Monitor feature in connection settings. Write down the lowest CAN ID you see in the monitor. For example 0x01234567

Download this CAN desription file:

Then you need to edit the file, see line

<frames baseId="0"> <!-- CHANGE THIS -->

And change base id to your ECU base id, like baseId=“0x01234567”

Save the XML file and import it into the connection settings.

what is “based id” for?
what’s the point in it?
I’ve never used? maybe it limits somehow all minor identifiers?
and this will speed up the exchange?
or am I mistaken?

ok is there a way to use just the holley usb dongle that comes from the ecu? I have a older vehicle and it doesn’t have a obdll port. Can I not use USB directly into windows tablet?

ok is there a way to use just the holley usb dongle that comes from the ecu? I have a older vehicle and it doesn’t have a obdll port. Can I not use USB directly into windows tablet?


I believe Holley added the base id system to their CAN to to make it more difficult to use. Of course to sell more their own displays.

So what do i do? Any solutions?

On the second post there are step-by-step things you need to do to get started. The base id of your Holley ECU is probably found on its settings or manuals. As I do not have the Holley system to test on I’m unable to help any further.

I am wanting to run a holley ecu, but i also need to keep my stock ecu in the truck in order have the range switch indication, and the fuel gauge(im sure theres other things that i cant think of currently). is it possible to feed 2 sets of data to realdash? i would prefer wired connections feeding the data to realdash is this possible ?

Sure, you can add as many connections as needed in the Garage. You may encounter a ‘value fighting’ though if two connections are configured to send to same inputs.

Did somebody get RealDash working with the Holley can bus?

I can see the data coming in the can monitor, but nothing in the dash.

How is the base Id setup to encode the data?

My id is #68921 in Hex 10D39

baseId="0x010D39” do I include the & 0x7fff

baseId=“0x010D39 & 0x7fff”


0x010D39 & 0x7fff = 539

This is a line from the can monitor:

1e025539 : 42 dc 94 f5 00 00 00 00
539 <—- this is the id

Data is still not readable. It should look more like this.

1e025539 : FF FF F3 90 00 00 0C 27

Is your CAN adapter set to extended mode? I think Holley uses 29bit identifiers.

I have kind of the same issue. I followed your setup from another post, and I can see the can data, downloaded the description file you listed , added my id, and put in my connection, but nothing is working on the dash. Looking at the downloaded file, I see that the can frame listed for tps, has no change in the can monitor when i move the throttle, but I do see a change in another frame. Ant help would be greatly appreciated.

Record a log from CAN Monitor and sent to me: contact@realdash.net and I will take a look. I’d appreciate if you could help me a bit to solve this by offering help on testing.

Logs sent. Thanks!

The answer may be related to the base id. I converted the ID number in the back of the ecu to hex and put 0x in front of it, and thats what I used as my base ID. Can It be determined from the logs I sent you? I dont have much experience with hex.

Got the logs, will take a look any day now.

Have you had a chance to take a look at the logs yet?

Not yet, too many things going on at the same time :frowning:
Hope to take a look during this week.