ELM adaptor

Hi guys, does anyone know if this adaptor will as it says work on Realdash as a bluetooth can adaptor?


We have never tested that adapter, we use almost exclusively adapter from OBDLink. See this post:


I’m not saying it will not work. Most of the OBD2 adapters on the market do.

Thanks for your fast response, when you say the vast majority work, do you mean using CAN protocol or OBD only?
I’d like to be able to send Link ECU can data over Bluetooth as I’m struggling to find a tablet with USBCPD so I can charge it and send the usb can data at the same time.

We use the OBDLink adapters for both, as CAN adapters or ELM327 compatible OBD2 adapters.

Ok, so maybe you can answer me this. Are any of the Bluetooth methods as capable as the seedstudio wired CAN, can they still send the data as fast, can they send messages back to the ECU for buttons?
Is the MEATPI a decent enough unit, or is the obdlinkmx really so much better?

To use ELM327 OBD2 adapter as CAN adapter is always slower than using actual CAN adapters, especially in sending the data from RealDash to CAN bus.

The MeatPi adapters are direct CAN adapter and does not suffer from slow data sending as ELM327 OBD2 adapters do.

As a generic rule; use OBDLink adapters for OBD2 connection, and any other supported CAN adapter for CAN connections. This is not because OBDLink adapter is bad, the ELM327 is just not well suited for direct CAN communications.