ELM327 interface as CAN adapter

Would it be possible to use the ELM327 as a CAN adapter?

Yes, the OBDLink MX, MX+ and SX already work as direct CAN adapter. Choose ‘CAN/LIN Adapters->OBDLink’ as connection type.

I use Obdlink MX+ on my car with realdash on android head unit. The connection works as expected when using obd2 as connection source. But doesn’t connect when I change the connection to can/lin - > obdlink can adapter, it doesn’t connect. I do not know if I’m doing something wrong.

most likely you can only use your adapter in the garage this way for monitoring. Or you have to create XML

Yes, if you are using OBDLink as CAN adapter, you need an XML configuration file that matches your vehicle. You can try to use the CAN Monitor option to ‘sniff’ out the CAN data.

I wonder if it is possible to make a separate indicator, on a par with streaks, bars, texts and videos, a table with “CAN MONITOR” outside the garage, and translate it to the panel?

How to make a match XML configuration file? I tried my ELM327 adapter to somehow sniff the CAN data but no avail. I admit I don’t what connection type to use. Please help.

  • On custom setup, connect your OBD2 adapter to CAN lines:

  • Go to the Garage, open vehicle door and tap the instrument cluster.
  • On right side list, tap ‘ADD’ to add new connection.
  • Adapters (CAN/LIN)->OBDLink CAN adapter->
  • Rest depends on if your adapter is Bluetooth, Wifi or USB type.