Engine Oil Pressure targetId

Hi everyone, recently I’m trying to create my own can bus xml file for my 2009 Mitsubishi triton(l200), one thing i realized that even i haven’t create a targetid for engine oil press(targetid=151),but the gauge still show up data that actually goes up with rpm…is it the engine oil press input calculated within RealDash itself?it’s minimum pressure always stay at 30.5bar anyway even i disconnected my DashBox

The engine oil pressure is mapped by default to simulated oil pressure. Re-map it to your custom input in ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input mapping’

Ah i see…sorry my bad din’t even thought of that…thanks :smiley: :smiley:

Ran into this one today, changed Oil Pressure to use ID 151, then realised why i had changed it.

Value fighting with the simulated OP reading.

I’m not clear why this is the default behaviour? Surely Oil Pressure simulated should use the simulated reading and Engine Oil Pressure should use ID 151 by default.

95% of RealDash users are using OBD2 connection and OBD2 very rarely offers engine oil pressure from standard PIDs. We chose to use the simulated oil pressure as default in order not to have oil pressure warning light on at all times.