Engine runtime calculated value


Now “Engine runtime calculated value” = App RealDash runtime

if RPM = 0 => “Engine runtime calculated value” - must be stop
if RPM > 0 => “Engine runtime calculated value” - must be run


In current code RPM must be over 100 for the engine runtime to increase.

sorry, maybe i not clear

plase check:
DashBoard is on and Engine is stop : show “Engine runtime calculated value” - you can see value is iincreases

I have complaints from users now : i think if Engine is stop - “Engine runtime calculated value” - time must be stop too / time not iincreases

i will check last version RealDash. If RPM > 100 it is good too / i reply


I did find something, if you change the connection type to ‘None’ while there is engine RPM, the runtime counter will continue running with previously known RPM value. Will fix for next release.


i test 2.2.3 but you beat me to the description of the error

thanks for you work.

Engine runtime calculated value - good work
but after 512.0 Hour value is stop calculated - need fix

also please add new Feature : Reset service same as distance service reset

So after 512 hours it stops counting? That can be troublesome to test.

There already is a service distance reset in quick settings.

Yes after 512.016 Hour stop counting. Maybe you made test version when time x 100 ??
i test in any android device?

service distance reset i see but in specal transport made service by runtime engine (for examply every 300 hour)