Engine Runtime Total. Problem.

Engine Runtime Total at beta 1.8.9 not to reset by “triggers&actions”. I used such actions as “set value” and “set value on trigger status”. It’s not work. And what is the difference between these actions?

For me, the ‘Set Value’ action works when setting Engine runtime total input to 0. The “set value on trigger status” is a special action that sets the selected value to either 0 or 1, depending if trigger has fired or reset.

  1. Setting the value to 0 really works for Engine runtime total (hrs), but after the power is reset, the value Engine runtime total (hrs) is restored.
  2. Tell me please how to reset any value by long pressing the button?

Ok, I will double check the engine runtime reset.

To set value by button hold:

  • Create new button and select it
  • go to Look’n Feel->Special->Button
  • Enable ‘Actions when pressed down’ option
  • Set ‘Initial Action Delay’ to the delay you wish to use when holding the button down.