error in translation of the Russian version

I do not know who the Russian tester is, but we have eyes right in our eyes.

and there is always no time to inform you about the error

“Может монитор” Russian version must be is “CAN монитор”

And I said, I offered to help with the translation, but there is some person who screwed up my translation and Jani culturally sent me to hell, supposedly complaints about my translation, although I personally saw only one from this very person, who then that’s all and translated. In fact, there are many questions. Maybe you can help? Maybe you are more trusted

Thanks for reporting, will be fixed in next release.

Please correct the name of the months in translation.
I will write the name in Russian in quotes to show the problem.
Please don’t delete the post.
Now like this: " Апрель", “Май”, “Июнь”…
And you need it like this:
“Апреля”, “Мая”, “Июня”…
Thank you…

I think its better that I send you a complete Russian translation over the email so you can check them all, ok?

I have sent you a corrected one! Thanks!

CoTECH good work, big thanks

Ok, corrections will be in next release.