Error when trying to upgrade to pro version

I love the app. I got it working with my 1958 BMW 502 (with the DashBox).
Now I want to upgrade to Pro.
I get an error: Purchase Failed. Please Try again later.
I have my Android table here at home and it is on Wifi.
I am running version 1.7.5

Any suggestions?

Try to update your Google Play services, sometimes that helps. Also double check that you have Google account configured and in use at Play Store app.

This is frustrating. I am still getting an error.
I updated my payment info in the Play Store.
This is a crappy Huawei 7" tabled.

Is it possible to buy the pro version in the play store?

I don’t think you can make in-app purchases from the store app. I don’t know what the problem could be. One more thing that you can try is to clear the Google Play services and Play store app data in Android settings and maybe try to add another payment method to your Google account.