Event "Fade" (1.8.4-beta1)

Strange! After I selected the event and edited the action as “FADE”, my event disappeared from the event list, but its condition is still met! But I can’t influence this in any way, since it just disappeared after editing!

I have a feeling that this event goes into the animation file)))
But how can you delete or edit again?

Ok, will take a look.

Edit: Please note that if you are using your own XML animation file, it will override ALL animation actions and triggers from the dashboard, including the Fade actions. So if you use animation XML, you do have to specify the fade actions there.

I am not using native XML. At least right now, in this particular case - I do not use it.
The action just disappears from the global triggers menu!

Ok, will check if there is something different in global actions that causes it to disappear.

Edit: Ok found it. It was the Fade associated Triggers that did not show on the list. Actions were still there.

Yes exactly!

This should be fixed on 1.8.4-beta2.