Export / import rtrsp link for video gauge

please add import/export (Garage Settings for example or better in RD file ) for RTSP links for Video Gauge

I use a video stream from a third-party device (the problem of the user interface for navigation control has been completely solved and any navigation application works, delays are minimal)


Good afternoon, can you tell me what kind of navigation you use?


This app Yandex navigator with full voice control


Could you explain in more detail what you mean by this? Try to describe your use case step-by-step, so I understand what is the improvement you need.

I am editing the skin on the developer’s computer (Win 11), in the properties of the Video Gauge i input URL link - Save to RD file
after i load this RD file in RD client devece (android) and see URL link is empty

Understood. Will take a look.