extended ID over Can

The app don’t receive CAN message with extended Id. I have set the Obdlink mx+ on extended, i can send the message but i never receive them in extended, I got only the standard message ID

For extended frames, use protocol ISO11898

that’s what I used but i never receive it, i just can send it

What is the CAN device you are connecting to?

I use the OBDLink Mx +

RealDash ↔ OBDLink Mx+ ↔ ?

What is the device at the other end?

I use an Android tablet and i connect to the OBDLink Mx + via Bluetooth to communicate CAN message

I’m sorry that I’m not clear on my question. I need to know what is the CAN device you are communicating with?

I did every test on a tesla Bench with our custom controller and I did test with my PC with a Peak CAN connected to the OBDlink, so I can send CAN frame from my pc to be sure I have received it. So I never received every Extended message ID and yes it’s correctly configured on my pc to send it and in realdash the OBDlink is configured in Extended.


That makes it pretty difficult for me to test with similar setup :frowning:

You can try to help with your setup:

  • Create a OBD2 connection (Not CAN)
  • In connection settings, select ‘OBD2 Monitor’
  • These are the commands RealDash uses on extended frames on ISO11898 at 500kbps:

After entering above commands into OBD2 monitor, you should start receiving the CAN stream into the monitor. If not, you probably need to experiment with different stp## to initialize the CAN properly for your setup.