External GPS Module


i test new option : External GPS Module

First test plug in windows RD 2.1.0
Result - ok , Fast Connect - and i get GPS TIME / DATE and other

Second test plug in android RD 2.1.0 (Root acces present Version 9 and 11 not Root)
Result -Show in Dasbosrd messge " No Connect", i made new connection as before - found any devece GPS and aply

perhaps android needs to give additional permission to USB ports? Or am I doing something wrong?
Please help

Android needs through the 3rd GPS COMMANDER software, if I’m not mistaken, to give access to a fictitious location. Only he, and the old version, can work with USB-GPS. RealDash is worth testing with a bluetooth connection.

BT module have most hi price, and need add power wire, for 1 pcs it is ok, but i try start small manufacture
Course today i to pay for BT GPS and continue test