External GPS suggestion


I am after a recommendation of a wireless (Bluetooth) external GPS sensor that will be as quick as possible ( minimized lag ). I am asking for a recommendation since I don’t want to spend money and track time on trying different devices to end up using only one.

Please mind that I am connecting to the ECU via WiFi and I am using the port on the tablet for charging, so Bluetooth seems the best option here.

I have been using a QStarz 818XT 10hz Bluetooth GPS module with good results.

Thank you so much mate :slight_smile:

Did you ever try or know if the racelogic vbox sport works on your application ?

No I have not, but if it is a NMEA compatible GPS device, it should work just fine.

Hi, can you please confirm how you configured this in the Android app?

I have the same module, however i can only get it working via a helper app setting mock location at the moment, direct connection in RD is not working for me.

Just tested just in case, and it worked for me as expected:

  • Pair your Bluetooth device with Android device
  • Open RealDash, go to the Garage. Open vehicle door and tap the instrument cluster.
  • Add new connection, select ‘External GPS Module->Bluetooth’ and select your Bluetooth device from the list.
  • Tap top left corner ok to verify new connection.

Unfortunately I’m usung an Android head unit with a very limited BT stack, so I’m using USB connection between the two.

For me, the QStarz 818XT 10hz Bluetooth does not send anything onto its USB port. Port seems to be for charging only.

It does, specifically as i understand it the 10Hz mode requires the USB connection.

Using the “GPS connector” app on play store i can establish a wired connection to the Qstarz, this is the G Mouse function. In the app i select Generic USB GPS and the baud rate seems to work on 4800. I get GPS data, there is no BT pairing in this case.

However it’s not that reliable with the helper app etc, would be nicer connecting direct to RD.

Just tested it in Win10 with the USB driver provided by Qstarz, works.

Is there a possibility to have it working in Android? It’s identified as “GPS Receiver” in the connections menu, but once set it never connects.


Can i use bluetooth for both Connecting to ECU, and another bluetooth connection for the GPS ?

Androind to be connected with EMU Classic and GPS

Probably not as it seems to require their own driver. The 10hz mode works just fine over the Bluetooth.

Edit. Did some tests, and while RD can make a USB connection to this device, it does not seem to send anything and connection times out. It will propably work on Windows though if their custom driver is installed.

Sure, use as many connections as you need. We used to have 3 simultaneus Bluetooth connections on our Cuda without any problems.

That’s a shame, it does receive data over USB via the GPS Connector app, so whatever that is doing to initiate the data stream you could do in RD, but i understand it’s not a priority.