F1 2019- Xbox ONE

How does it work for F1 Xbox ONE?

Quote from Codemasters FAQ:

“In F1 2019, UDP telemetry output is controlled via the in-game menus. To enable this, enter the options menu from the main menu (triangle / Y), then enter the settings menu - the UDP option will be at the bottom of the list. From there you will be able to enable / disable the UDP output, configure the IP address and port for the receiving application, toggle broadcast mode and set the send rate. Broadcast mode transmits the data across the network subnet to allow multiple devices on the same subnet to be able to receive this information. When using broadcast mode it is not necessary to set a target IP address, just a target port for applications to listen on.”

RealDash must be running on same local network as the game.

I test again on Realdash installed on windows:

  • only the fastest lap time appears,
  • Current lap time already displayed before starting line.
    -other data did not show

In android did not communicate.


The amount of data from these games are quite limited, so do not expect to get data to all gauges.

But this game sends a lot of data and Realdash doesn’t show it.

Its does send a lot of data, but surprisingly little of it is engine data. All you get from Codemasters F1 games are:

Steering Wheel Angle
Brake Pedal Position
Clutch Pedal Position
Brake temp (4 wheels)
Tyre temp (4 wheels)
Tyre press (4 wheels)
Coolant Temp