Feasibility: realdash for a classic car EV conversion?

trying to preserve the original gauge style in a 1971 corvette

my hardware will look something like this;

-AEM VCU200, constantly dumping data over CAN. Their entire architecture is built around can messages flying everywhere

-RBPi with realdash on it. Realdash for linux only just got released which is real fortuitous for me!

-RBPi CANhat, or that inexpensive usb to can adapter everyone always recommends, i’ll probably need to write some minor interface so realdash knows how to use it since it isn’t on the approved devices list

-5 inch round HDMI display (off alibaba), placed where the original tachometer and speedometer were. they’re like $200 but apparently worth it

So, how much pain am i in for here?

Pain is subjective, some people even think that tweaking these things is relaxing.

Everything you say is very much doable. CANHat is not supported and will not work with RealDash at this point, so I recommend Seeedstudio style CAN-USB adapter.