Feature requests for My RealDash

Tell us how to improve the My RealDash service. Any feedback is appreciated.

Please note that at the time of writing this, we have just launched this service and there may be issues in its functionality. We will fix all possible issues quickly and are happy to add new features to better serve your needs.

Please add file size on the datalogs page.

Should be quite simple addition. Will add to feature request list.

This feature is now online at MRD.

Thank you.

Would it be possible for one to have a manufacturer trial license? I would like to know the possibilities.

Unfortunately the 3rd party payment processor we use do not offer trial periods.

Is there something specific you would like to know about manufacturer license? The main thing of manufacturer license grants right to use RealDash for commercial use, and is targeted to companies that sell products/services that use RealDash.

A community where people can upload their dashboards for others to download and use kinda like the steam workshop.

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Community dashboards are already on our todo list. Hope to get started with them soon.

This is very exciting!

Linux support I know it is in the works but would like to know what the time frame looks like. Also the ability to use more than one display on Linux.

So glad this was asked. I was just about to post a follow up on this subject, myself. VERY ready to try out a linux based version of this.

We have had Linux version for quite some time that has been used for custom projects. It is close, but not quite there yet for public release. Can’t give exact schedule for it though. It all depends on amount of projects and fixes.

Sign me up to be a beta tester! Willing to acquire whatever specific hardware you’d like to begin on (so long as it is something that can be deployed to a vehicle).

I’m actually working on building a dash now and would also help beta test a Linux version.

I have put some extra effort for Linux version now. Should be available as beta for testing very soon.

Love this, and I will be glad to test, when you are ready! Thank you for putting so much effort into it!

Hi Jani,

We need different shutdown page you can add option to insert picture for shutdown to simulate OEM style.


2 linked devices are not enough. On win, there is an edit, in the car the operation of the finished panel. You need a third device for testing and editing when the first two are unavailable.
And yet, my panel is not installed on the third unregistered device, it is not purchased for the user. I can’t use my job.

I agree, 3 would be more suitable. We’ll try to update this.