Few questions

Sorry if this isnt the place to put these, please direct me to the areas I need to be if not.

Im using the Boss display and

How do I get my selected display to start straight away when I turn the ignition on?

Im having trouble selecting music. When I select the Boss display, and select music press the play, nothing happens. Ive got my music on a USB, what do I use to select that, and get it to work?

Whats the best way of setting up ambient temp? I just get 0

Sorry if thats confusing

There are options to start/shutdown the app on charging events. See: Settings->Application.

To configure the music player, go to Settings->User->2nd page and select RealDash as a music player. Then you can select the folder where your music is.

Update to 1.7.0 to get the ambient temp. Internet connection is required.