Fields to log in XML file


We’ve had our first succesfull use of our sensors interface with realdash. RealDash is logging these values, and we analyse these.

RealDash is great for the dashboard and looking at the data is also fine, but selecting what values should be logged can be improved alot i think.
It would be very convenient to do this in the xml file so this can be copied to other instances of realdash instead of being tied up in the application settings.

Is there a way to make this happen?

Red Devil Tractorpulling

Vehicle settings can be uploaded to/downloaded from My RealDash service. Same thing with connection XML files. We are planning to make this more automatic in the future.

Thanks for the reply.

Is there an option for racing teams as us to obtain a license with 10 (or more) active seats?

If the cloud save makes the syncing of log files, dashboard files, settings, and active CAN description file (the .XML file) this would be hugely benificial for us. As it currently is a bit challenging to keep everything backed up and synced.

As you know we are actively developing our datalogger and the settings for realdash. 3 active developers with 2 devices each, the tractor and in the future atleast between 1 and 3 extra devices for wireless connection and analysis after a pulling run to check the engine state and make adjustments too the tractor if needed for the next run.

Currently no. The maximum amount of simultaneous devices for single Manufacturer account is 10. But manufacturer licensees are allowed to invite customers and team members, which each have their own device limit.