Finding PIDS with Pyren

You have told the connection of the return signals in your description.


Turn signals and other indicators are not part of OBD2 standard, but there are basically 3 ways to get turn signal and other indicators work on OBD2 vehicles.

  1. Use vehicle specific PIDs. If PIDs are known, you can add those into RealDash OBD2 values by modifying and importing the XML file. See ‘Customizing OBD2 Communications’ from our manuals:"

    I installed Pyren software and set up a successful connection to the vehicle. Now how to learn special PIDS.
    For example, in the illustration below, what is the value of the XML in RD in RD. How to learn.

I’m new in RD. Please help. I loved RealDash very much.

Pyren will not help with realdash in any way. Lord, is it really that newbie?
You have not even figured out what pyren is for what it was created …
How can you help here!

So how to connect the return signal to my vehicle.

I don’t think OBD2 will ever work properly even if you would find custom PIDs for turn signals as OBD2 is so slow communicating due polling nature of it that turn signals would not be synced properly.

You need a custom solution. If you vehicle supports CAN, you can use any of the supported CAN adapters to scan your indicator CAN addresses and read directly from CAN.

I understand, thank you, I will try to find another method.