fix display resolution


please add in windows version only - fix resolution for most popular display for RealDash dashboard
for final i use 12.3 display 1920x720 with device android
maybe other RealDasher use orther resolution … but need fix too for greate content in windows and after upload to the DashBoard

now i can not 100% quality skin all time randomize pixel ±

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1920x720 is a little headache to work on

The problem is in the display controller itself, it cannot tell the device its native resolution. Here Soft RD can not influence it in any way … You need to edit the Edid monitor firmware …

1920x720 is a 8:3 display. Go to the Settings->Application->Editing and tap the 8:3 option.

yes, i use 8/3 option,

But no have 100% quality

you can easily check with an example with 8/3

Greate new file RD and Greate IMAGE GAUDE
X=0 Y=0 W=1920 and H= 720 - centre Image not centre DashBoard

Button in centre - please please check


unfortunately, I have not found anywhere in the world a 30-inch desktop monitor with a resolution of exactly 8/3 to create high-quality content. it seems to me that it is not very convenient to use the size 12.3 as a desktop monitor - the eyes get tired very quickly.

I would appreciate that screen ratio in iOS version… my infotainment display is 8:3 and I have to use native 1920x1080 stretched witch is very annoying…

I found the best solution to be, to use a 12.3" as a second monitor on for my “design PC”. That way I use the main monitor 32" widescreen for the design software and easily move over to 12.3" screen to check scale.

Please write model and brand “design monitor”

I do exactly the same.

I use
“VSDISPLAY 12.3” 12.3 Inch 1920X720 IPS LCD Screen HSD123KPW2-D10"
But probably should have gotten this one with a case as it sits on my desk
“VSDISPLAY 12.3’’ 1920x720 LCD Monitor VS123ZJ01A”

but for design PC 12.3 is not good. fix size frame as option - i think it is better solution
i checket app for fix frame in windows (app sizer and autohotkey) - he work good but not work for RealDash frame

i hope fix size fame in windows made in nearest future

I think creating high-quality content is the main advantage of RealDash
easy creating - for any size display - very important too


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