when i can see example how use new features?
please update https://github.com/janimm/RealDash-extras/blob/master/RealDash-CAN/realdash-can-description-file.md

float=“true” and double=“true”

They mean that value is either 4 byte (float) or 8 byte (double) floating point value. Floating point value must be encoded in IEEE754 and can be either little or big endian.

Yes, i undestand it is 32 and 64 bit value

But please if not hard need example how use

Device sending data:

float val1 = 123.456f;
float val2 = 789.012f;
double val3 = 345.678;

FRAME frame1(0x1234);
memcpy(frame1.data, &val1, 4);
memcpy(frame1.data + 4, &val2, 4);

FRAME frame2(0x1235);
memcpy(frame2.data, &val3, 8);

RealDash CAN XML:

<frame id="0x1234">
    <value name="FLOAT1" offset="0" length="4" float="true"></value>
    <value name="FLOAT2" offset="4" length="4" float="true"></value>

<frame id="0x1235">
    <value name="DOUBLE1" offset="0" length="8" double="true"></value>


now is tolal clear

i try use CAN to RD ))))

and now finish develop RD to CAN firmware