Ford Ka on full fully integrated - connector to connector

Sometimes it makes sense to use those components that are at hand, for example, an excellent dashboard comes out of the android car radio (Fast start after sleep 8 sec <<<)

Full analog DashBoard

but i think also use OBD for instant Fuel Consuption and RPM only (Speed from analog signal more good work - with no dalay)


Hi, are you from?


hello my friend i am working for ford fiesta, can you please share the obd2 files for ford communication with me

i not use OBD2 - it is direct connect to the original connector - if need i open documet for all - but is is only for my ADC PCB

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i continue - Iā€™m trying to be better


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Hi friend, could you share the realdash can program and xml of this ford ka project? thanks.

i not sure
it is full analog dashboard


Thank you very much, you are an amazing person.

Are you using OBD in this project?
I wanted to use an analogue of rpm and speed, were you able to do it like that?

  • I wanted to use the car dashboard signals for rpm and speed, were you able to do it like that?

Please check pinout

Only RPM and fuel consumption i get from OBD

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Good morning, the white and black wires in the connector are from the RPM. If you do more projects for the Ford Ka, you can put rpm per wire.